The commuter / version anglaise


The story centers on Michael MacCauley (Neeson), a former cop and a now mid-level manager at a faceless insurance company, who lives with his wife (Elizabeth McGovern) and son (Dean-Charles Chapman) outside of New York City. Like so many hard-working family men, he is facing a financial breaking point, trying to make ends meet on a paycheck that is stretched to the rafters and a son who is about to go to college. Michael's situation worsens when he is unexpectedly fired. On his commute home, the passenger sitting opposite him introduces herself as Joanna (Vera Farmiga) and puts a proposition before him: find a passenger on-board the train who doesn't belong, in return for a handsome financial reward. As an ex- cop with a strong moral sense of right and wrong, this is not an offer Michael takes lightly. Apprehensive to return home after just having lost his job, Michael eventually agrees to find the "suspect" amongst the sea of passengers, using his wit and skill to uncover their identity. But he soon realizes that he is at the center of a deadly conspiracy that only he can stop.

En vedette : Liam Neeson, Patrick Wilson and more...

Classification :

Durée : 1h55 minutes

Horaire : wednesday february 14th.


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