Survey: fishery waste valorization project in the Magdalen Islands


Hello everyone,

We are Biotechnological Engineering students at the University of Sherbrooke. As part of our bachelor’s degree project, we are conducting a survey to obtain the population’s opinion on a project to recover waste from fish and agricultural manure.

The Waste Management Center (WMC/CGMR) receives large quantities of fish waste every year, which generates numerous treatment costs.
It will be possible to produce liquid biofertilizers and solid compost by recovering this waste to meet local demands. Within the framework of this project, the economic, social and environmental benefits will be important for the region.

The results of this survey will help to verify the social acceptability of this project. Your opinion is essential to us and will be considered in the realization of this project.
Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this questionnaire.


– The questionnaire includes different sections and question formats, including multiple choice, yes/no and short answer questions.

– Your individual responses to this questionnaire will be confidential.

– Responses to this survey will include the vision of the population and will impact the students’ decision making in their project.

– If you have any questions related to the questionnaire, do not hesitate to ask them at the following address:

– Approximate time required to complete the questionnaire: 10 minutes

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